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"Jason Trawick Has Never Laid a Hand on Britney Spears," Says Rep

Rumour control: A rep for Britney Spears has blasted a tabloid report claiming the singer is being abused by boyfriend Jason Trawick.

Star magazine published a report quoting Spears’ ex-husband, Jason Alexander, as saying the singer had confessed to him that she is being abused by Trawick and is calling out for help.

The report also claimed Spears had been subject to an attack which had left her with a black eye.

Total tosh, says Spears’ rep.

“Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false and Star Magazine was informed of the falsity of this story before it was published,” says a statement on Spears’ website.

“The statements attributed to [Britney's ex-husband] Jason Alexander are a complete fabrication as Britney has not had any form of communication with Mr. Alexander in years.”

The statement adds: “The audio recording posted on RadarOnline this morning purporting to be between Britney Spears and Jason Alexander is so obviously fake as to be laughable.

“Suffice it to say, that Jason Trawick has never laid a hand on Britney.

“This is just another example of the irresponsible nature of the tabloid media relying on shoddy sources and false information for the sole purpose of selling magazines, without regard to the truth and without regard to who they hurt in the process.

“These irresponsible statements are defamatory and Britney Spears’ legal team will be taking legal action against all of the appropriate parties.”

The moral of the tabloid fable: If it smells like BS, it is – even when they try and disguise it by rolling it in glitter…


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