Jason Statham Slams Kim Kardashian

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Jason Statham is following in Jon Hamm's footsteps by being the latest actor to slam Kim Kardashian in an interview.

In the April issue of Details magazine, the actor was asked if he thought of himself as a brand because of his films.

He said: "F**k no. Why should I? Kim Kardashian's a brand."

"So much of this industry is buried in bulls**t. You're pretending to be something onscreen, fine. But it's also the way it plays out here, every day. Yeah, we love you, can't wait to put you in a movie. It's f**king bulls**t."

He continued:"Not to be entirely negative, mind you, because there's so much talent here, so many people that are righteous. But believe me, there's so much that ain't, and you see that coming in so thick. I did it for a living. I see it before it enters the room. And usually I know just to point my compass elsewhere."

So, now we await Kim's response, oh and while we do, is there any other actors that wants to slam Kim? If so, step up to the mic and state your name before you comment!


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