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Jason Batemen Sorry for iPhone Line Cut; Donald Glover Not So Lucky

How much has this week sucked for Jason Bateman? Hmm, well actually probably not too bad. He is a multi-millionaire, married to a beautiful women, has healthy children, a pretty cool sister, starring in a couple of movies this year, just launched a brand new company so the fact that he cut the line is probably not weighing too much on him right now.

That being said, he did apologize yesterday. On his Twitter he said, "Correction- If there were boos, I didn't hear them. If some were mad, I didn't see them. I wish I had. If you're out there, I'm sorry."

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Apology accepted. I think I said it on the first day. The guy did wait in line. He showed up at 445am. The first person had shown up around 330am so by the time 10am rolled around Jason had been in line for 5 hours. It isn't like he sent an assistant to go stand in line or called Apple and begged for a phone. He did put in some time.

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I think the best part about this whole story is that Donald Glover, who is on Community, admitted that after he saw Jason cut the line that Donald tried to cut the line too and did a "don't you know who I am," but was denied. Blow to the ego there Donald. Donald did write one of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock though so he gets to have his picture in the post too.


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