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Jason Bateman: No One Booed When I Cut in iPhone Line

The media - and, by some accounts, the public - blasted Arrested Development star Jason Bateman last week when he cut in line to buy the just-released new iPhone. An Apple Store employee escorted the actor to the front of a long line of around 2000 people, and according to witnesses, the crowd booed when Bateman reemerged from the store.

Now Bateman has jumped on his Twitter accout to inform his followers that, in fact, no one booed him at the store. Bateman tweeted, "There wasn't one boo. Not one hiss. The Apple guy brought me in away from the paparazzi. Period. I was content in line. I wish I'd stayed."

Bateman also said that once inside the store, he still had to wait in line to get his new iPhone.


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