Jesse James' Ex-Wife Janine: He Sent Me Sexy Pics While Married to Sandra


Radar paid Janine, the former wife of Jesse James, a few bucks and she spilled some details. See, it should be Janine that is writing the book and not Jesse. His book just keeps saying how good he is and how everything is just one big misunderstanding. According to Janine, Jesse called her two weeks after he married Sandra Bullock and said he made a huge mistake in marrying Sandra. Janine told him just to keep his peen in his pants and not cheat and it would go fine. Janine says that throughout his marriage to Sandra, Jesse would send sexy pictures of Janine to Janine and say Yum. She says they never had sex while he was with Sandra. I get the feeling that she may have not been entirely truthful with that one. It really seems carefully worded.

She also says that Jesse started cheating on Janine right after they got married. She accidentally got a sext that was supposed to go to another woman. Don't you hate when that happens? If you would not cheat, you would not have to worry.


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