Janice Dickinson Says 'I Can't Breathe Because of Bill Cosby' (Video)


Former supermodel Janice Dickinson slammed Bill Cosby, whom she recently accused of raping her in 1982.

Dickinson appeared on HLN's "Nancy Grace" show last night and invoked the "I Can't Breathe" slogan used by anti-police brutality protesters, noted Mediaite.com (video below).

“I can’t breathe because of Bill Cosby,” said Dickinson.

When a confused Grace asked her what she meant, Dickinson replied, “With everything that’s going on, I haven’t been able to breathe, like the whole nation has right now, protesting. I am protesting because of, there is unresolved issues due to rape from Bill Cosby. I’m just starting to exhale.”

According to GossipCop.com, Dickinson went ballistic later on the show.

"I want every woman out there to please hear my words," stated Dickinson. "We’ve got to stop this man. He will keep doing it.”

“F--- you, Bill Cosby," added Dickinson, in a part that was edited out of the online version below. "I’m not a tacky b----. Bill Cosby is a tacky rapist.”

Five more of Cosby's female accusers appeared on CNN yesterday (video below).

Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, P.J. Masten, Victoria Valentino, and Kristina Ruehli insisted they didn't make their accusations for money.

Sources: GossipCop.com, Mediaite.com


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