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Janet Hubert Talks Will Smith 'Fresh Prince' Feud

Janet Hubert, who played the original Aunt Vivienne on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, has been locked in a feud with Will Smith since her departure from the show over 20 years ago.

"[Smith] said 'we're just gonna replace her and act like nothing happened,'" Hubert said of her exit from the show in 1993. "Well honey, that is not what happened, is it? The world has let me know that my place on that show was very, very, very loved. I felt demonized and beaten up and crucified for many many years, no one came forward in my defense."

"[Smith did] some heinous, horrible things to me -- they were like bad kids, Will and Alfonso [Ribiero], especially Alfonso," she continued. "He said that I was crazy and nobody wanted to go to lunch with me."

However, now it seems Hubert is ready to put the past behind her and make up with Smith.

“I would say to him [Smith], we need to heal this," Hubert said. "You’ve done some things, you’ve said some things, that were totally untrue and you know that they were untrue. I’ve said some things that I probably should have never said ... I’m tired. Aren’t you tired Will?”

She is even open to a reunion.

"We need to have a reunion, we have to end this horrible, 21-year war," she said. "I think we all owe each other an apology."


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