Jane Seymour: 'I Predict More Secret Schwarzenegger Kids'

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More Arnold Schwarzenegger news has emerged from one of the least expected sources in Hollywood, Jane Seymour.

The British Actress is currently starring in the just-released movie Love, Wedding, Marriage. Seymour walked the red carpet for the premiere this week.

CNN asked the actress for her take on the Schwarzenegger situation, currently rocking Hollywood and news outlets the world over.

“I was not even remotely surprised,” she reportedly said. “The moment I heard it, that there was an announcement of their separation…He was obviously jumping the gun before everyone else told the world of the news.”

Seymour then dropped the clanger that dropped everyone’s jaws. She continued: “From what I gather, I think there will be lots of information coming people’s way.

“I heard about two more [children] somebody else knows about. I even met someone who knows him well.”

If this is indeed the case, my sympathies don’t lie with those who can’t keep it tucked away in their pants. My sympathies lie with all the innocent ones being hurt by what could be more skeletons in Arnie’s closet.

Schwarzenegger’s ex wife Maria Shriver, has also reportedly hired a divorce lawyer. While son Patrick now wants to be known as Patrick Shriver.

So sad.


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