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Jane Lynch on Ed O’Neill's Emmy Remark: “Let it Go”

It doesn’t look like Jane Lynch is losing any sleep over Modern Family star Ed O’Neill’s recent comment to TV Guide Canada that she did not deserve to win the Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy series for her performance as Sue Sylvester on Glee.

Jane’s rep, when reached by E! Online to comment about the diss, thanked columnist Ted Casablanca for his outrage and said via email: “Thanks for being repulsed. But let it go, that’s what we’re doing.”

As I posted earlier this week, O’Neill said the Emmy should have gone to co-star Sofia Vergara who plays his on-screen wife: “I love Jane, honestly I do,” he said. “I’m dying to star in one of Christopher Guest’s movies alongside her, but I don’t think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. (Sue Sylvester) is just a one-note character.”

You can debate the merits of who should have won all you want but the fact is, it is a very tacky thing to say publicly in my opinion.

Plus, if you watched last night’s episode of Glee with Sue as “The Grinch” and the one two weeks ago with Carol Burnett, you see that skill she has in showing us just glimpse’s of this character’s humanity underneath her imperious veneer.

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