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"Glee's" Jane Lynch to Marry Girlfriend

So happy for Jane Lynch.

She’s not only enjoying the role of a lifetime as Sue Sylvester on Glee but is experiencing the love of a lifetime with fiancee Lara Embry.

“It’s a great and wonderful thing at the tender age of 49 to have finally found somebody that I want to be with,” Jane told PEOPLE this week. “I’m so lucky. … “I’m looking forward to spending every day with this woman all the time, and we’re making that happen.”

Even though Jane’s singing has been a highlight of the last two episodes of Glee (first Madonna’sVogue followed by Olivia Newton-John’sPhysical) she isn’t planning to be the entertainment at the wedding: “I will not be singing and don’t expect any track suits at my wedding.”

So how is Jane like her TV alter-ego?

“I can be aggressive like her. One of the things Sue Sylvester is – she’s a warrior,” she said. “She’s always looking for a fight, and I go through stuff like that. With the wedding plans and even when I got to my hotel here in New York, I was looking for everything to be wrong and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing my Sue Sylvester.’ “

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