Health Scare: Jane Fonda Collapses

According to sources, legendary actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda has collapsed!

She has had a pretty hectic schedule of traveling lately and recently suffered a terrifying collapse. She was trekking around the world when she was left tired and ragged. Friends now say that they are fearing for the 73-year-old’s life!

She flew from Los Angeles to the South of France to attend the Cannes Film Festival and then flew back to Atlanta, Georgia to visit some friends. Afterward, she flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles and then to San Francisco to attend a fundraiser.

Wow, she travels A LOT!

A source said, “One night after she finally got home, Jane got out of bed to go to the bathroom, but before she could take more than a few steps, she fell to the ground.”

We hope she’s okay, That’s scary stuff. Hopefully she’ll haul her butt to the doctor and get checked out! Stay tuned if we get any updates on her health, we’ll keep you posted!


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