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Chef Jamie Oliver: "Most Celeb Kids Are Little S***s"

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has just offended an army of celebuspawn.

The blunt-speaking star – who recently became a dad for the fourth time – has taken aim at children of other celebrities.

Speaking to Hello magazine about parenthood, and how his own kids would have to combat the ‘child of famous parents’ stigma, Oliver said that very few children from famous families succeeded.

Most of them are little sh**s, he said.

He told Hello!: “I think my kids are always going to be labelled as ‘Jamie’s child’ so they will need to learn to work harder than anyone else.They just can’t be anonymous – they’re always going to be judged.”

He added: “I think my children are very lucky – apart from having me as a dad. That probably won’t be a great thing.”

But Oliver doesn’t have the knives out for all celebuspawn. He singled out Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella as a role model.

He said: I think Stella McCartney’s an exception. That would be nice if they [his children] could be independent and creative and happy like that, but we’ll see.

That’s what you have to do as a parent – help them find their thing, their mojo, he added.

Jamie and wife Jools have four children – newborn Buddy Bear and daughters, Poppy Honey, eight, Daisy Boo, seven, and 17-month-old Blossom Rainbow.

No arguments from me, Oliver. But what does the peanut gallery think?


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