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James Franco and Ashley Benson Get Flirty at 'Spring Breakers' Premiere; Are They Dating?

Rumors have been swirling for months that Ashley Benson and James Franco have been dating and at last night’s Spring Breakers’ premiere they may have been proven.

While posing for pictures on the red carpet, Franco and Benson seemed to be getting pretty flirty with each other. The PDA didn’t stop there as it was reported that at the after party they really packed it on.

Hollywood Life reports:

A insider who was on the scene says exclusively that the cast mates are “1000% hooking up.” Even on the red carpet the two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, but inside the party was where it really went down.

Our eyewitness further explains that once the cameras were off them, Ashley and James held hands and James’ hand never left the small of Ashley’s back! And at one point Ashley even sexily sat on James’ lap and stole a kiss!

Speculation started in December when Benson accidently tweeted out a photo of her and Franco on New Year’s Eve. In the photo Franco was groping Benson’s breast. Benson quickly deleted the photo, but not before some outlets got wind of it.


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