'James Bond' Stuntman Mark Sutton Dies While Skydiving (Video)

Daniel Craig's James Bond stuntman Mark Sutton died while participating in "HeliBASE 74" a program featuring skydivers.

A video (below) of Sutton jumping out of a helicopter to his death was broadcast by an online extreme sports channel, EpicTV, with the consent of Sutton's family.

About 20 seconds after jumping with friend Tony Uragallo, Sutton died, noted the Daily Mail.

"He turns and he jumps and I just followed him. He can follow the terrain a lot better than me and I’ll just follow his line. And then he just suddenly turned left real quick. And I couldn’t believe it," recalled Uragallo.

"I landed close to everyone and I shouted out, ‘Mark hit the mountain.’ That destroys everything. Everybody is so upset. People in tears... Mark dying like that was just horrifying. Mark was my hero. I am going to go and buy a ranch in Montana and raise horses."

HeliBASE 74 took place in August in Trient, Switerland. Sutton died on August 14.

According to the EpicTV website:

The accident occurred on the first day of the three-day event after several successful jumps had already been made. Rescue services arrived quickly and determined that Mr. Sutton had immediately died upon impact.

"When Mark died we were devastated and planned to shelve the whole project. But when the other pilots showed us that the best way to remember Mark was to think about what he would have wanted, we decided to go ahead with the series," Panu Lehti, of EpicTV, said in a statement.

Source: EpicTV.com and Daily Mail


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