Pop Star Jake Shears to Become Fitness Guru?

Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears is eyeing an energetic new career as a celebrity fitness guru - he wants to release his own line of workout DVDs. The "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" hitmakers have hired a personal trainer to help them stay in shape while they tour their new album "Night Work".

And singer Shears has become such a fan of rigorous exercise, he's planning to help others with a series of onscreen keep-fit classes. He tells Q magazine,

"We've started traveling with a trainer. I always figured if we have a drum tech and a guitar tech then why don't I have a body tech?

"I really want to do a series of workout videos. Serious ones, nothing campy - a tough workout with good music. It's got to be the right timing otherwise people will say, 'Jake Shears must be really desperate, he's making workout videos now.' We'll see."


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