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Jake Gyllenhaal Doesn’t Wear Underwear During Sex Scenes

Here’s a little tidbit of information that you didn’t know about our boy Jake Gyllenhaal. Apparently Jakey boy doesn’t like to wear underwear while filming sex scenes for his movies. Let your imaginations wander!!

The actor said that he was happy to get in his birthday suit for his role in Love And Other Drugs, but refuses to cage his boys, if you know what I mean. He said that he felt the audience needed to see him without clothes on to believe that his relationship with Anne Hathaway’s character was real.

He said, “If we were going to be as open and intimate in a love story as we could be we have to do the same thing with sex. When you see two people in a movie like that, particularly as an actor, and they are portraying two people in love, it’s like, how do you even unconsciously believe people are in love if they don’t want to be naked around each other. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never had sex with underwear on and it’s an odd thing to watch an actor do. You can try but I wouldn’t recommend it! So that was really important. We knew that if we did we would get somewhere in the audiences’ unconscious that these were people who were actually in love and not just actors telling a love story.”

Jake went on to reveal that even though he’s in the buff in the movie, he didn’t hit the gym for any elaborate workout routine. He added, “We really didn’t think about getting in shape. I wanted him to be a little skinny and sinewy and slimy.”

That makes me wonder if this photo could be real??


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