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Too Harsh? Indonesian Pop Star Jailed for Sex Tapes

I just figured out how to stop celebrities from releasing sex tapes every five minutes. Do what Indonesia does. They just threw one of their biggest pop stars in jail for the next three and half years because he made some sex tapes which found their way to the internet. Nazril "Ariel" Irham was sentenced after some sex tapes he made were distributed to the internet. He claims they were stolen from his house, and that the shame of having them seen in public should have been enough punishment. Were any with Paris, because that would be shameful. Heck, they should give him an award for having sex with her if he did.

He could have been sentenced to 12 years in jail, but the judge said 3 1/2 was long enough. Even though the tapes were stolen, the judge said the star did not try hard enough to have the distribution stopped. The first tape showed him with his girlfriend, who is a famous model in Indonesia named Luna Maya. The second tape showed him with another woman who was not his girlfriend, who is a television presenter named Cut Tari. Apparently the girlfriend did not mind that he filmed his cheating, because she was in court supporting her boyfriend. The guy who actually distributed the tapes only got two years in jail.

This all seems harsh for just having sex and filming it. I mean, as soon as the video camera was invented, you know people made tapes. As soon as the internet was invented, you know the tapes were going to make their way to the internet. It is kind of like you know that I have made tapes of myself eating various different kinds of bacon. You just can't give a man a video camera and bacon and not expect me to combine the two.


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