Jaclyn Smith Starts Wig Line


Ladies, I have some good news and you might want to sit down for this one.

You know how you are getting tired of washing and brushing your hair? Just can’t find enough energy these days to pull out those hot rollers and enough Aqua Net spray to really style it the way Sheryl Joy at the Hair Factory can do so easily? Just feeling like you need some fancy hair to match your Maybelline makeup and your Smooth Stretch Utility Cargo pants from Chicco’s? Well I am about to rock your world.

Everyone’s favorite 1970s actress has a new line of wigs available through Paula Young. Because Jaclyn Smith knows how much the modern office receptionist wants to look glamorous. Why shouldn’t the sassy cashier at Sizzler have the same sophistication of a made-for-TV-actress? And you are right, she should.

March your way right into the next Tupperware party with tousled waves brushing your neck and flirty bangs whispering to your eyebrows. Your entire book club will be speechless. You want to make those ladies at the next pleasure party go crazy? Walk yourself in with a snazzy jean jacket, a set of Keds, and a razored shag. They will lose their shit.

Besides, why should the gals in Hollywood go and have all the fun? So what if you are menopausal? Who cares that the back of your bra is being held together with a chip clip? You are still a diva, girl.

Just throw on your wig and set the night on fire. Because you deserve it, lady friend.

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-Kate Casey

Kate Casey is a Pop Culture Lover. PR Pro. New mom. Comedy nerd. Celebrity gossip fan. Follow her on Twitter @KateCasey


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