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Michael Jackson's Bodyguard: I Could Be Blanket’s Dad

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard claims he could be the father of Blanket, the late singer’s youngest child.

Matthew Fiddes, a British Martial arts expert, claims that he had donated sperm in 2001 for Jackson, after he told him he wanted an ‘athletic’ child”, reports Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

Prince Michael Jackson II, known as Blanket, was born in 2002.

According to the newspaper, Jackson offered Fiddes £500,000 for the service, but he refused it and donated it to charity.

Fiddess said in a statement on TMZ:

“I have reasons to believe that since my high court case… that Michael Jackson… confirmed that he used [my] sperm to conceive Blanket Jackson because he wanted an athletic child.

“Since then, I’ve seen pictures of Blanket in karate suits with a ponytail… and there is a strong resemblance. My own mother has been questioning me about the resemblance. I’ve had friends call me up and say, ‘I’ve just seen a picture of Blanket Jackson, he’s your son isn’t he Matt?’

“I’ve had to come clean to them, because I’d lied to protect Michael’s privacy.”

He adds: “I don’t know for certain that Blanket is my son at all, and I’ve got no reasons to make claims on that.”

So now he’s claiming he’s not claiming paternity? Make your mind up, bro!

“I’ve been backed into a corner in this situation and I was very angered that this has happened because it changes my children’s lives forever.”

Right, that’s it, I’m checking out. You can read the rest of the fable here.


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