Jackson Autopsy Show Postponed


Should we re-enact autopsies?

Are we so bored, that this sort of program, is entertainment? If so why not re-enact Elvis' or John Lennon's Autopsies?

What were the folks at Discovery Channel thinking?

I think it shows no respect for the dead persons Family Friends, and Admirers.

The Discovery Channel says it has indefinitely postponed the broadcast of a show purporting to re-enact Michael Jackson's autopsy.

Discovery Networks International made the announcement in a statement Friday.

It cited the start of hearings next week in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Jackson's doctor and a request by executors of the dead superstar's estate as the reasons for the postponement.

The executors of Jackson's estate harshly criticized the company earlier this week for its plans to broadcast the show. They say Discovery has made the correct decision in choosing to cancel what they called an exploitative program.

The company's decision was first reported by celebrity website TMZ.com.


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