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Reviewer Jackie K. Cooper's Guide to Current Movies

Title Rating Score

The Adventures of Tintin PG 8
(Mild Violence)
(An animated adventure that harkens back to the days of “Indiana Jones” and company)

Big Miracle PG 7
(Mild Profanity)
(A family friendly true “save the whales” story that combines drama, humor and romance)

Chronicle PG-13 7
(Violence & Profanity)
(Three teens develop superpowers in this “special effects” laden movie that really entertains)

Contraband R 6
(Violence & Profanity)
(The movie is lacking in plot believability, but Wahlberg delivers another solid performance)

The Darkest Hour PG-13 4
(Profanity & Violence)
(A hard to follow movie about aliens invading the world, particularly Moscow)

The Devil Inside R 2
(Profanity & Violence)
(An exorcism story filmed documentary style that bores more than it shocks)

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close PG-13 5
(Never hits its mark emotionally and just drags on for much too long)

The Grey R 4
(Profanity & Violence)
(Even wolves can’t overcome action hero Neeson but the plot of this movie can!)

Haywire R 3
(Violence & Profanity)
(Steven Soderbergh gives martial artist Gina Carano her own movie; she doesn’t deserve it)

The Iron Lady PG-13 6
(Profanity, Violence & Nudity)
(Meryl Streep is amazing as Margaret Thatcher; the movie about her life not so much)

Joyful Noise PG-13 7
(Dolly and Latifah in a sing out of gospel music with a modern touch, pure enjoyment)

Man On a Ledge PG-13 7
(Profanity & Violence)
(A movie in the “Die Hard” tradition – all action and no need for absolute logic. Suits me.)

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol PG-13 7
(Profanity & Violence)
(Great special effects and daring stunts make this movie the action film of the year)

My Week With Marilyn R 7
(Profanity & Nudity)
(Michelle Williams is brilliant as Monroe, and the movie is enjoyable too)

One For the Money PG-13 5
(Profanity & Violence)
(Heigl gives it her all but she never lifts the movie to be anything more than average)

Red Tails PG-13 7
(Violence & Profanity)
(A patriotic movie with great aerial shots & a moving story about the Tuskegee Airmen)

Underground Awakening R 4
(Violence & Profanity)
(Another chapter in the battle between the Vampires and the Lycans – same old same old)

War Horse PG-13 8
War Violence and Mild Profanity)
(A beautifully told story of a horse and its experiences during World War I)

We Bought A Zoo PG 8
(Mild Profanity)
(A great family film that features one of Matt Damon’s most endearing performances)

The Woman In Black PG-13 7
(Profanity & Violence)
(Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe stars in this suspenseful & chilling old fashioned horror story)


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