Jackie K Cooper’s Guide To the Movies: The Hunger Games, The Avengers and More


Title                                                     Rating                                                 Score

American Reunion                              R                                                         4

                                                            (Profanity, Sexual Situations & Nudity)

(Time to say bye-bye to “American Pie” sequels)

The Cabin In the Woods                     R                                                         7

                                                            (Violence, Profanity & Brief Nudity)

(Has a lot of twists and turns you don’t expect but it isn’t as clever as it thinks it is)

Chimpanzee                                        G                                                         6

(Family friendly story of a baby chimpanzee that is good but not great in its presentation)

Dark Shadows                                                PG-13                                                  4

                                                            (Profanity & Violence)

(Depp & Burton’s latest collaboration is one of their worst; just dull & pretentious all the way)

The Five Year Engagement                R                                                         7

                                                            (Profanity & Sexual Situations)

(A lot more depth in this rom/com than you would expect from a Judd Apatow production)

The Hunger Games                             PG-13                                                  5

                                                            (Violence & Profanity)

(For those who haven’t read the book(s) the film is a scary look at children killing children)

Lockout                                               PG-13                                                  6

                                                            (Profanity & Violence)

(A bit like “Die Hard” as Guy Pierce plays a smart-mouthed but proficient man of action)

The Lucky One                                   PG-13                                                  6

                                                            (Profanity, Mild Violence & Some Sexual Situations)

(Zac Efron has grown up but this movie isn’t the romantic hit it should have been)

Marvel’s The Avengers                       PG-13                                                  8

                                                            (Comic Book Violence)

(Hail, hail the gang’s all here and boy are they fun to watch and fun to hear)

Mirror, Mirror                                      PG                                                       6

                                                            (Mild Violence)

(Julia is great as the evil Queen but this ‘Snow White’ story never rises to the next level)

October Baby                                      PG-13                                                  6

                                                            (Mature Subject Matter)

(A surprisingly non-preachy story of an abortion survivor baby searching for her birth mother)

The Pirates: Band of Misfits               PG                                                       5

                                                            (Comic Violence)

(Grant provides humor as the Pirate Captain but the movie sinks without more fun/excitement)

The Raid: Redemption                        R                                                         4

                                                            (Violence & Profanity

(Lots of martial arts fighting but the plot is mediocre as is the acting)

The Raven                                           R                                                         4

                                                            (Profanity & Violence)

(John Cusack just can’t carry a film and in this story about Poe he is the movie)

Safe                                                     R                                                         7

                                                            (Profanity & Violence)

(Jason Statham can carry a movie and he makes this action adventure work)

A Thousand Words                             PG-13                                                  5

                                                            (Profanity & Coarse Humor)

(Eddie Murphy’s career continues its downhill slide in this only intermittently funny movie)

Think Like a Man                                PG-13                                                  6

                                                            (Profanity & Sexual Situations)

(The cast is good looking and capable of good acting but the storylines are by the book)

The Three Stooges                              PG                                                       7

                                                            (Comic Violence)

(Stooges started out annoying me; in the end their sweetness & purity of heart won me over)

21 Jump Street                                    R                                                         7

                                                            (Violence, Profanity & Crude Humor)

(In this kind of crude and coarse movie you had better bring on the laughs – this one does!)

Wrath of the Titans                             PG-13                                                  6


(Action packed and this keeps your mind off the confusing storyline about the Gods)

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