Ryan Dunn, of 'Jackass' Fame, Killed in Pennsylvania

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In what has to be some of the most shocking news we've heard for quite some time, we've just found out that Ryan Dunn, a performer in Jackass, was killed earlier this morning in a car crash in Pennyslvania.

Speaking to TMZ, the death has been confirmed by Bam Margera's (another member of the Jackass crew) mother, who says it happened around 3am this morning, with both Dunn and an as yet unidentified friend both dying in the crash. 

There are supposed pictures of the crash up here and here although there's no confirmation of whether they are real or not. Apparently 33 year old Dunn was travelling at 110 MPH when the car crashed, although again, this has yet to be confirmed.

Bad news, and also very sad news. RIP Ryan Dunn.


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