'Jackass' Bam Margera Injured in Kayaking Stunt

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Known for performing outrageous and dangerous stunts on the hit 'Jackass' movie series, Bam Margera apparently spends his spare time looking for ways to defy sanity and safety.

The 32-year-old Margera went over a 100-foot cliff in Oregon only two days ago -- and is now hospitalized. Judging from a picture he tweeted from his hospital bed, Margera looks like he's actually in good shape, considering the plunge. However, the daredevil revealed he did undergo an emergency operation.

Below is the photo of Margera in the hospital. Below that is a shot of Margera going over a cliff with professional kayaker Steve Fisher, whose condition is currently unknown.

One would think Margera would take a break from death-defying stunts, considering the death of his best friend, Ryan Dunn, who was killed when he drunkenly crashed his Porsche at speeds of 140 miles per hour.

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