"Jackass 3D" Stars Made Steve-O Get Sober for Movie

The stars of Jackass are known for their wild and crazy stunts, but things became serious when Dr. Drew Pinsky told them Steve-O was going to die if his habits didn’t change.

Jackass creator Johnny Knoxville revealed that the stars of Jackass 3D realized they needed to pull together and help push their friend Steve-O to get help with his drug problem.

Knoxville said, “We had never done an intervention, like, we’re the last guys to think of doing an intervention, but Dr. Drew just kind of said, ‘If you want to do it, in all seriousness, this is what you need to do…’ and we followed through, and more importantly Steve-O followed through.

“There were 10 or 11 guys – pretty big guys – going to his house… He thought we were there to shoot a bit with him (for the film)… and I said, ‘Steve-O, we’re not shooting today, we’re taking you to the hospital.’”

At first Steve-O was refusing to go, so Knoxville said, “OK, I understand, but if you don’t go, I’ve instructed any of these guys just to knock you out and we’ll take you.”

Knoxville recalls, “(He said), ‘Alright dude, I’ll go.’”

Johnny says that being sober has made Steve-O an even better stuntman: “Jackass 3D is his best movie. I think he thought he had a lot to prove to himself and other people – that you could still do this sober, and boy, can he.”

“[The 'Jackass 3D' shoot] was a little tougher, maybe, to do the stuff being clear-minded and being present,” Steve-O recently admitted to MTV about filming.  ‪ “You looked great onscreen, though, man,” co-star Johnny Knoxville said.

‪”I was more apprehensive,” Steve-O revealed. “I dreaded it more, but I was also more eager to participate because I wanted to prove to myself and everyone else that sobriety hasn’t turned me into a lame, boring wimp.”‪

‪”No,” Knoxville said reassuringly. “He’s just awesome, he got great footage. It’s his best movie yet.”

Jackass 3D reportedly took in $50 million this weekend.

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