"Jackass 3D": Sick, Disgusting and Totally Awesome

If you have seen any of the previous Jackass films then you will have an idea what you’re in for with Jackass 3D, but if not, this might not be the one you’ll want to start with.

In Jackass 3D Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius and gang push the envelope even further than they have in past Jackass flicks. And that’s saying something! If you can’t handle Jackass 1 & 2, there is no way you’ll be able to stomach Jackass 3D.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a movie that made me feel like I was going to hurl, but Jackass 3D got me two or three times. If you thought seeing sh*t and vomit on a big screen was bad, try seeing it in 3D!  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t either of the aforementioned that grossed me out the most, it was the ‘Sweatsuit Cocktail’ that had me holding my stomach. In this skit, the Jackass crew put their chubby friend to work on a treadmill while wearing a plastic suit in order to make him sweat. The sweat is then collected and put into a cup that Steve-O will drink. Did he drink it? Yes. Did it stay down? No way.

Other skits that were off the “gross out” scale include Steve-O being strapped into a bungee outhouse that is plump FULL of ripe sh*t and shot into the sky. A human sh*t cocktail shaker, if you will. Then there’s the guy who blows party horns and trumpets with his ass, even blow darts were fart activated. Penis baseball, peeing on unsuspecting cast members flying dildos, you name it.

But not all Jackass 3D pranks had to do with crap, piss or penises (and there were a LOT of penises in this flick!), some were rated PG, and generally they were the funniest. One of the best laugh out loud moments was the “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” reenactment where Ryan Dunn holds on for dear life while sitting behind a jet engine. Fun with the jet engine didn’t end there though, Johnny Knoxville figured out that if you throw items in front of the jet’s massively powerful exhaust it will launch them as if the Incredible Hulk was throwing them. So why not put a couple buddies in the line of fire and watch them try to avoid being hit?

More hilarious moments include the Jackass crew attempting to run through a hallway of hanging cattle prods and active stun guns, playing tether-ball with a beehive, and knocking people down with a HUGE spring loaded hand.

There were many, many moments while watching Jackass 3D that I laughed out loud and there were an equal amount of gasps as well. All in all, this movie was highly entertaining although a bit costly. Don’t think that you’re not going to pay more for the 3D technology, because you do. On average, a ticket to Jackass 3D cost around $4 more to watch than any other movies in the theater. If you’re not feeling the cost hike you can still watch Jackass 3 in 2D.

All in all, Jackass 3D was sick, disgusting, ridiculous and exceptionally vulgar. Would I see it again? Absolutely.

Watch video clips from Jackass 3D here.


The above video clips are all from Jackass 3D, but the following video is great because it’s the cast talking about Jersey Shore’s The Situation. Apparently Steve-O met him at the MTV VMAs and he acted like he was too good for him…


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