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J-Lo’s Ex Told To Stay Away From "American Idol" Auditions

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, former Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, has reportedly been told to back off and not audition for a spot on American Idol next week.

Lopez, who is a hot tip to be announced as a judge on Wednesday (Thurs NZST), and Noa were married in 1997.

Rumour has it that Noa is planning on queuing up to audition at the show’s first call-up on September 22.

Noa’s manager Ed Meyer told E! News that his client even plans on singing one of J-Lo’s songs.

“Ojani Noa will be in line at the Forum on September 22 to try out for American Idol in front of his ex-wife,” Meyer said.

“He escaped Cuba and married Jennifer Lopez, now he wants to be the American Idol.”

But Idol bosses are all out to spare J-Lo’s blushes.

A snitch tells the Chicago Sun Times that the show has hired ’screeners’ to make sure Noa doesn’t infiltrate the crowd, even if he’s in disguise.

Besides, the fact that he’s 36 – well above the cut-off age of 28 – means he won’t be eligible to audition anyway.

But Noa’s manager says Idol peeps can’t ban him because of his age.

“In the past, the first two episodes of each season of American Idol are always phony, as they let anyone of any age audition to get viewership numbers – for example the 62-year-old ‘Pants on the Ground’ guy (Larry Platt),” he said.

I sniff a MAJOR publicity stunt.


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