Mel Gibson Wants Custody of His and Oksana's Baby


Mel Gibson will appear in court on Monday asking the judge to award him sole custody of his daughter Lucia. The battle over Lucia is just beginning, with Mel’s team having photo proof that Oksana lied about Lucia’s injuries.

The custody battle over Lucia is on, with Mel Gibson petitioning the judge for full custody of his daughter.

Mel’s lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award Oksana Grigorieva visitation, but only with supervision. And Mel’s team will want the judge to deny Oksana overnight visits with Lucia.

Mel’s lawyers will submit statements claiming Oksana’s false and derogatory comments are not in the best interest of Lucia. Oksana trashed Mel Gibson on “Larry King Live” recently.

Also Alan Nierob, a long-time publicist for Mel Gibson, states that Oksana is a publicity-hungry girlfriend who loved Mel for what he could do for her career. He stated, “In my opinion, she enjoyed press events more than most of my clients’ spouses and significant others.”

Mel’s team also has photo proof that Oksana was lying and even doctored photos of baby Lucia, while claiming Mel had injured the child.

Mel and Oksana broke up in April.

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