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Kendra's Sex Tape Partner Leaves His Socks On

For the sake of research, I watched the preview of Kendra Wilkinson's sex tape. I will have you know I suffered through the 47 seconds several times, just so I could check for one very important detail. Whether the guy in the tape leaves his socks on. The answer is yes.

And because Vivid has combined several sessions into one tape, you get to see that her guy must have had very cold feet, because he has socks on more than once. In one scene he is wearing black socks and in another he is wearing white socks.

I promise I didn't even notice that Kendra would be a really bad dancer at a strip club, that she is very flexible, and much more enthusiastic than Kim Kardashian.

To see the guy and his socks, you can click here. Very, very NSFW, but if you are a person who sells socks for a living, I guess you could call it market research.


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