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Kelly Osbourne Out Drinking: Isn't She Supposed To Be Sober?

For some reason I thought that all those trips to rehab for Kelly Osbourne were to get her sober. I could be wrong. Maybe it was just for pills or drugs or something, and she is allowed to drink. Am I wrong?

Does anyone remember something different? The reason I ask is that Kelly went to Vegas last night. She looked fabulous and amazing, but she and her friends all drank lemon drop shots while at Haze nightclub.

Now, unless I am mistaken, lemon drop shots are not something you get on the Willy Wonka Tour, but do contain booze.

Kelly has had one of the most dramatic transformations I have seen of someone in a year, and I would hate to see it all go away. Maybe she does drink as part of her recovery. If so, then great. Otherwise, I hope that she stays strong and realizes that today is another day to start again.


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