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Isildur1 Stuns Jungleman12 for $343k

Cates and Blom had a no-holds barred battle over 2,084 hands of $25/$50 PLO.

In an 8-hour span, Cates would fall siginificantly behind and then get even three times before finally losing $343k and calling it a night.

Isildur1 go on to add another $68k against other opponents and finish his night up $411k.

It was one of the best nights Blom has had on PokerStars and he is now up $454k on the year.

You can forget any $500/$1,000 matches, however, as the rumor is that Isildur1 has gotten PokerStars to ban him from any games higher than $25/$50.

Meanwhile Cates, who was last year’s biggest online poker winner, has had an uncharacteristic start to 2011. The Maryland-native is currently down by more than $50,000.

In other high stakes news, compris continues to be a big winner. The unidentified online account earned $225k last night, thanks in part to a big session against ilvdnfl, which is rumored to be Di Dang.

Some of the other players to book winning sessions included martonas (+$70k), Verheijen (+$55k) and Gus Hansen (+$22k).

Cates was the biggest loser but ilvdnfl also had a regrettable night, going down $113k in 273 hands.

Also in the red were IMALLIN723 (-$82k), KingOfSuckoutz (-$55k), Cole South (-$46k) and LuckyGump (-$31k).

To learn more about the high stakes action last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.



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