Is Rob Lowe Really a Lead Actor?


Even if you do not watch Parks & Recreation, please feel free to join in on this one, because this is certainly not the first time this has happened on television.

Rob Lowe has submitted himself for Emmy consideration as a lead actor for his work on Parks & Recreation. Although my family and I have disagreements as to how useful he is to the show on a permanent basis, I don't think anyone would disagree that he is a supporting actor.

For much of last season he would only get one scene, maybe two, while the other actors on the show were shown much more frequently. I would have no problems with Rob submitting himself for Supporting Actor because he did a great job for the time he has been there and did what a supporting actor should do in television, steal some of the scenes where they are.

He is not a lead though and submitting himself for a lead just shows that he has a big head. He is not the star of that show.

It was doing just fine before him and if he left tomorrow it would do just fine without him. For him to come in and say he is the lead, seems to me like he is kind of hijacking the show for his own purposes. Get rid of him now before his ego takes over the show.


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