New Legal Troubles for Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson is at war, legally, with Ramage Construction Company which he hired in 2000 to do work on his Church in Malibu. Just an aside here – what sort of nut job owns his own Church?

Ramage sued Mel for unpaid bills, and now Mel has filed a whole conspiracy theory in L.A. Superior Court that Ramage had a secret plan to stiff him and overcharge him on the job for millions. He is also crying that Ramage went public to “intimidate and embarrass him” over the first lawsuit.

But according to the new docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court — Mel claims Ramage had a secret plan to scam the foundation by billing them for “hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars of work at [the church] that was unnecessary or excessive.” In the docs, Mel claims Ramage screwed up elevators, sprinkler mains, electrical wiring and botched a generator installation…among numerous other problems and deficiencies. 

Its a good thing for Gibson that he makes such great movies – otherwise he’d never have enough money to keep his legal team.


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