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Did Maury Povich Set Up Teen's Virginity Auction?

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Say it ain’t so!  What was Maury Povich,71, thinking if it is true? The National Enquirer sometimes known to stretch the truth is reporting that talk show host Maury Povich is involved in a scheme to auction off the virginity of an 18 year old girl at notorious hooker palace – the Nevada Bunny Ranch.

The National Enquirer reports that “Jennifer” , 18,  who is auctioning off her virginity told Maury (and his aud) that two years ago she had seen another Maury ep where a young woman “Natalie”, accompanied by Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch,  Carson City, Nevada brothel,  attempted to auction off her “cherry”.

Furthermore, the show is supposed to have given her a polygraph to verify that she is indeed a virgin. We can only hope this is all bullsh*! However, for anyone who has watched Maury’s show it is clear he pushes the envelope to get ratings and maybe this is just another publicity stunt!  What do you think?

Photo credit to The National Enquirer


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