Losing Fans? Crowd of Only 7 Greets Justin Bieber at Airport


Justin Bieber has been known to cause a riot or two in his time. Thousands of screaming, hysterical girls are usually waiting for him, no matter where he is – airports, malls, etc.

When Bieber arrived in Hong Kong this week – boy, was he in for a surprise. Seven screaming girls waited for Bieber. That’s right – SEVEN (7).

There were more bodyguards and security than fans. It didn’t seem to bother Bieber as he didn’t even bother to stop and say hello.

The small crowd at the airport might be a result of Bieber arriving in the middle of a school day in Hong Kong. Truancy is highly frowned upon in Hong Kong.

What do you think? Was it because of school or is his popularity and iconic status wearing off?


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