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No Apology Yet from Jonathan Rhys Meyers on Racist Epithet

It took so long to make the announcement that Jonathan Rhys Meyers was going to return to rehab that I wonder if he has been on a bender to end all benders and no one could find him. It has been almost a week since his racial insults got him banned from United Airlines for life but there wasn't a peep from an agent, manager or publicist until yesterday when they confirmed yesterday that he will enter rehab in London.

I think it is very interesting that he still has not gone to rehab. He is just planning on it. Or, his people say he is planning on it. Maybe they can't find him. Maybe he is still out boozing and they are waiting for him to crash. I think this is why there has been no apology. If you are his manager or agent or PR person you know that you have to say sorry. If you want people to pay to see you in movies or watch you on tv, you can't just call someone the N word and then never apologize. But so far that is exactly what has happened.

Why? Maybe they can't reach him to get an apology. You would think they could just apologize for him and say it was from him, but if you can't talk to him or find him, then that proposition becomes more scary because you don't know if he agrees, or if he will say something on his own that doesn't sound like the words you have written for him.

This is all very interesting.


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