J.K. Rowling Working on Another Harry Potter Book?


The final installment of in the Harry Potter series Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will hit theatres in July, 2011.  Harry Potter fans everywhere are mourning the end of the movies and books.  However, since Author J.K. Rowling, 45,  launched a website, Pottermore.com fans have been hopeful that she might actually write more Harry Potter but no one really know what the purpose of the website is.

Messages like “The owls are gathering” and “Find out why soon” add to the mystery.  A twitter account for the site has the same messages.

Meanwhile her spokesperson is saying the site is not related to the final Harry Potter movie.  Her spokesperson said: “We are not saying anything more at the moment.” It seems all will be revealed soon and we should know as soon as today what it all means.  Does it mean we will see another Harry Potter book in the future?  I am crossing my fingers I am a huge Harry Potter fan!


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