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Irish Punk Bands

Irish punk is known for its mixture of punk rock and traditional Celtic music. The movement began in London in the 80s with The Pogues and has continued since. Irish punk can include instruments like the bagpipes, fiddle, banjo or tin whistle and often explores themes like politics, culture, drinking and working class pride.

  1. The Pogues
  2. Flogging Molly
  3. Flatfoot 56
  4. The Tossers
  5. Blood or Whiskey
  6. Drink Hunters
  7. Jackdaw
  8. Charm City Saints
  9. The Briggs
  10. Street Dogs
  11. Amadan
  12. The Go Set
  13. The Gobshites
  14. Dust Rhinos
  15. The Tosspints


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