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Punk Legend Iggy Pop Fights Against Seal Clubbing

Iggy Pop’s PETA capaign against seal clubbing in Canada

I love Iggy Pop, and pretty much anything he does I sit up and pay attention.

Iggy Pop and Ke$ha both recently joined together with PETA to make this public service announcement against seal clubbing. As Iggy Pop puts it: “Canada’s club scene sucks.”

Obviously Iggy Pop is anti-fur and in the PSA video he explains why. “The screams of horror from the animals that watch the first other ones be bludgeoned—they don’t even try to run. They don’t know what’s gonna hit ‘em. I don’t think anyone who’d seen that would want to wear fur.”

I am going to warn you now, if you are a huge animal lover like myself, watch this video with caution. It shows what really happens to the poor little dudes on the ice.

See Ke$ha’s PETA PSA campaign against seal clubbing here.


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