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Did 80s Star Tiffany Out NKOTB's Jon Knight as Gay?

Last Thursday night during the RH-Beverly Hills aftershow, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson came out and spent a couple of minutes with the fawning Andy Cohen. Not like when he was drooling over Marie Osmond and imagining her doll collection for himself, but still fawning.

During the conversation, Tiffany said she had once hooked up with NKOTB member Jonathan Knight, and shortly thereafter he came out. Tiffany said she wondered for a while if she was the one who turned Jonathan gay. Did the news shock anyone?

There are organizations out there saying that Jonathan never publicly came out and that Tiffany did the honors. I could have sworn he did come out before. No one seemed surprised, and Andy kind of hinted at it and maybe even asked the question about whether Tiffany turned Jonathan gay.

I don't think Tiffany outed him. Did she?


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