Show Tired, But Cast of 'Jersey Shore' Still Wants Raise


Does anyone actually watch every episode of Jersey Shore? I don't mean like if you are sitting around on a Saturday and MTV goes through an entire season in an afternoon. I am talking about making sure you are in front of your television each week to watch it or record it. Does anyone do that? I have watched about ten episodes of the show. Give or take one or two. Here is how every episode has gone so far.

Afternoon - Ronnie and Sammi fight while Snooki and Jwoww go shopping. Rest of cast making dinner

Evening - Ronnie and Sammi fight while cast eats dinner

Night - Ronnie and Sammi fight and everyone in cast goes to same club they always go to.

Late night - Ronnie and Sammi fight (usually these are the best fights) and everyone else in the cast smushes.

Late late night - all the women smushees are kicked out.

Now, to star in this activity, most of the cast wants raises. This is to go with their raises from last season and the one prior to that. I don't blame them because this is it for the show. Italy will be it and I am grateful. I wonder if Ronnie and Sammi will fight on the plane over and get kicked off.


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