"I Keep Going on Horrible Dates" Says Kelly Clarkson

Singer Kelly Clarkson recently told Parade magazine that she is rarely seen with men because she has ended up on horrible dates in the past: "I’m like, 'There’s not enough wine in the world for me to enjoy this.' I actually had a guy say to me—and I hope he sees this because he is so ridiculous—he said, 'I can’t believe I’m on a date with Kelly Clarkson.' And under my breath I was like, 'Wow, I can’t either.'"

But despite her lousy dating life, Clarkson said she is still hoping to meet Mr. Right: "Some days I think, 'I’ll meet him. Everybody finds somebody,' and other days I’m like, 'Maybe I won’t. Maybe I just missed the memo.'"

The revelation comes hot on the heels of Clarkson denying she is a lesbian. Earlier this week she said: ''I'm from a small town, so everyone's married with children or about to have children. It's a little hard when you go home and people are like, and that's why people think I'm gay, because they're like, 'Why aren't you married?' And I'm like, 'It doesn't happen for everyone right off the bat!'"


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