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DMX's Wife Pens Tell-All About Troubled Rapper

I have not decided if Tahera Simmons' book about her marriage to DMX will be a tell all or just his version of events. I do have high hopes that she will spill about everything that has gone on, and all his arrests and jail sentences, and everything else that makes him get arrested so frequently.

The couple married in 1999, have four kids together, and she has not left him despite all this. That is why I wonder if she won't say anything and just take his side in all of it. You know, like he didn't know all the dogs were being mistreated, or he didn't know he had all those guns in his car, or that Lindsay Lohan was the one who stole everything. Crazy stuff like that.

The book, entitled Strength Of A Woman, is her first book. How many of you even knew DMX was married? He sure is setting a fine example for his four kids, too.


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