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Oddly Funny: Stock Pics of Women Laughing With Salads

Nothing says you're a wholesome good-time girl like big ol' smile over a bowl of lettuce. "Women Laughing Alone with Salad" is the name of an otherwise unannotated array of stock photos of women having a fantastic time with their low-cal meals, curated for our amusement over at the Hairpin (thanks to Art Fag City for the link).

The salads, the smiles and the realistic beauty all add up to an easy shorthand: these women are empowered yet unintimidating. They are taking matters of health and beauty into their own hands, and you can too. (For oddly compelling videos of unempowered people taking their sadness out on food, see here.)

For a bit of fun, compare the salad images with those that come up when one enters "women + chocolate" in the Google image directory. Oh you naughty girls!

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