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Humphrey Bogart Feared Being Gay, Pondered Suicide

According to a new book about Humphrey Bogart, the author claims that despite Bogart sleeping with over 1,000 women prior to marrying Lauren Bacall, he thought he might be gay, and almost killed himself when his second wife cuckolded him.

It sounds like, until Bogart became a star, that he was a very insecure guy. His first marriage was to a bisexual woman, who despite marrying Bogart, refused to stop sleeping with all her girlfriends.

So you would think Bogart would do a little better the second time. Not so much. In his second marriage, to actress Mary Philips, Mary insisted that she be allowed to sleep with all the men and women she was sleeping with prior to marrying Bogart, and would often do so right in front of him.

This caused Bogart to become impotent and question his sexuality, and he contemplated suicide. "When I can't perform, she mocks and ridicules me. I should never have married her."

For his third stab at marriage, it really became a stabbing. His third wife once stabbed Bogart with a butcher knife. Where did he find these people?


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