Hulu Offering All Episodes of 'Star Trek' for Free


Hulu has geeks everywhere giddy with excitement, as they just announced they would be offering Star Trek episodes for free for the rest of the month.

They aren’t offering just one season, either. They’re offering every single episode, ever. That is a total of 693 episodes.

Hulu decided to launch the series free of charge in honor of William Shatner’s birthday. 

“Resistance is futile,” a blog post on the site said. “Almost as futile as controlling a population of tribbles.

And because many geeky Star Trek fans will choose to watch the episodes instead of watching basketball, they are offering a March Madness-style bracket, “with Trek fans voting for their favorite characters.”

While no one can really complain about free things, some are disappointed that the episodes are only available for nine days.

Buzzfeed said, at an average of 45 minutes an episode, it would take 21 days and 16.5 hours to watch all of them. That means, it’s impossible for anyone to watch all of the episodes Hulu is offering.

RawStory, BuzzFeed


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