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Hulk Hogan's Post-Hospital To-Do List: Shave Legs, Get Married

Former wrestler Hulk Hogan was recently released from the hospital after suffering back pain and said the experience made him realize he wants to hurry and get hitched to Jennifer McDaniel!

The legendary wrestler, 57, was hospitalized for a few days after suffering from excrutiating back spasms over the weekend.

And the cause of Hogan’s severe back pain?  He threw out his back while picking up seashells.

Hogan was released from the hospital on Thursday and says he is ready to marry Jennifer McDaniel, 34, right away!

“First thing that’s going to happen, when we get home, I’m going to have my beautiful fiance Jennifer shave my legs, brother,” he told TMZ upon his release. “I need my legs shaved, and now that I’ve had a close encounter with the other side, I’m gonna move this wedding up. I’m gonna get married to Jennifer right away.”

Hulk’s ex-wife Linda Hogan, 51, has announced her plans to marry her 21-year-old boyfriend Charlie Hill.

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