Hugh Jackman's Valentine’s Day Advice

Hugh Jackman’s advice to all gift-givers on Valentine’s Day is to focus on the “element of surprise” and “if you’ve given something in the past, do something new. If you’ve never given chocolates, then I say go for it, maybe just not 6,000 of them.”

In an interview with Fox411, Jackman talked about his own Valentine’s day situation, saying “My wife is on a diet, so chocolate can be thorny to give. But I love those products and I eat chocolate every day, so everything in moderation is key.”

He also spoke about his own company, called “Laughing Man” and philanthropic, in the same vein as Paul Newman’s food products, with Jackman explaining, “was inspired by Newman’s company. I had been looking for an opportunity to start a business like that and when I traveled to Ethiopia to work with a coffee farmer out there, the ideas came together. I wanted to create jobs and opportunities. I’m interested in the business end of it for those involved, of course, but it stemmed from a philanthropic impulse.”

What gift will you be giving your love this Valentine’s Day??


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