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Hugh Jackman Appears in Cancer Patient’s Video For Wife

Grab a box of tissues before you watch this video. You’ll need them. This is one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

Kristian Anderson is battling cancer, and for his wife’s birthday, put together this video to show her just how much he loves her! He was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer in October of 2009, and is undergoing chemotherapy. He holds up cards that express how much he loves her and needs her.

This video was done to thank her for all her support and he enlisted the help of the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key, who opened the video - and partway through the video, Hugh Jackman makes an appearance, where he says:

He loves you, Rachel – he loves you."

What an incredible thing for this man to do. Happy birthday to Rachel, and we wish all the best to Kristian and his family on this challenge they are going through.



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