Hugh Hefner Not Happy With New Girlfriend?


Hugh Hefner got himself a new girlfriend (Anna Sophia Berglund) quick style when Crystal Harris practically dumped him at the altar, but apparently, he’s not too happy.  Witnesses at the Karma Foundation’s Kandyland party at the Playboy Mansion last weekend, said that Hef looked pretty bummed out, even with Anna Sophia Berglund at his side.

Hugh Hefner Regrets Not Marrying Holly Madison

“He didn’t hold her hand or act lovey-dovey at all,” a partygoer at the Mercy hangover prevention drink-sponsored event tells In Touch. “He just had a blank look on his face, he was so miserable.”

He ended up leaving 20 minutes in to the party.  That’s how down the guy is feeling.  It must be all the reports coming out about Crystal and all the nasty things she’s said and done since she split.

Poor Hef.


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